It’s spring and Witkowski Dental is in full swing

Its spring and Witkowski Dental is in full swing
Spring is full of life and new beginnings.  Witkowski dental is excited to jump into spring in full gear!  We would like to share new technology, products, and new additions to the Witkowski Dental family.
This quarters top stories
What is CEREC and what does it mean for me?
CEREC is one visit dentistry using computer aided design where dentists design and mill out permanent restorations in office.  No more impression material or temporary restorations to wear
home for two weeks.  CEREC allows patients to go home with crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers the same appointment day!  Restorations are milled from blocks of porcelain or zirconia and are extremely durable.  CEREC is inevitably the wave of the future!  Please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation to see if CEREC is right for you!
PALA Digital Dentures: Digital Dentures vs. traditional dentures
PALA Digital Dentures are created using CAD?CAM 3D technology, the same technology used in CEREC.
Digital dentures are a new, more accurate, and involve less chair time than in traditional denture production.  Typical denture production can require 3-5 visits however, with PALA Digital Dentures we can deliver in 2-3 visits.  Furthermore, due to the CAD/CAM accurate technology patients eliminate multiple appointments needed for denture adjustments as with traditional dentures.
Tailored whitening options
Zoom! | Before and After
Zoom is an option available for patients for quick in-office whitening procedure.  Zoom uses a chairside lamp to activate the whitening gel.  This one hour whitening procedure will give you fast and effective results.
EZ white is another option for you to freshen up your summer smile!  It is a no mess whitening pen you can fit in your pocket.  It is ideal for people who travel and wish to keep a consistent white smile.  The brush tip allows easy application enabling the oxygen rich gel to begin working fast to break away stain from your teeth.  Stop in to pick up your pen today! Opalescence Go Trays pre loaded whitening trays are also an option.  They are dental professional grade whitening strips that you wear in 30 minute increments daily.  They come in a variety of flavored gel and potency which gives us the ability to fit the best option for you. 

IF your looking for the most custom fit whitening system in office fabricated whitening trays are your best option.  Impressions of your upper and lower arch are taken to fabricate trays that intimately fit over your teeth which enables the whitening gel to sit exactly where you place it over your teeth.  Different whitening potency options are available for you so we can deliver the most effective result for YOU!
Last but not least
Fun  baby news! New additions to the Witkowski Dental family.  This summer can not come fast enough for Stacey,
one of our hygienists and Michelle, Dr Witkowski s wife.  We are very proud to announce Stacey is expecting her first child in June! She and her husband are looking forward to the announcement of Its a boy! or Its a girl! Stacey believes it s one of lifes best surprises therefore, we will all await in anticipation of whether we will be buying dresses and bows or Jordans and bowties! 
Congratulations Stacey!
Congratulations Michelle and Dr Witkowski!
  From our family to yours we hope your summer is filled with sunshine, beaches, and  golf! We look forward to seeing you very soon!
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